Our Members

Our members are united in their commitment to the social and economic development of the customers they serve. We have two types of membership

Development Microfinance Institutions (DMFIs)

Phakamani Foundation (www.phakamanifoundation.org) Founded in 2007, Phakamani Foundation addresses poverty and chronic unemployment in rural South Africa by helping people create their own livelihoods and micro-enterprise income. Where jobs are scarce, a micro-enterprise can be the difference between hope and destitution for a family. To create stable and sustainable micro-enterprises, even very simple ones, people need access to affordable credit and other kinds of critical support. This is what Phakamani Foundation provides, offering a hand up to those in need. Their purpose is to empower poor individuals who want to succeed through their microenterprises by providing basic training, suitable micro-finance products, and on-going support that will help them thrive.

Small Enterprise Foundation (SEF) (www.sef.co.za)

SEF is a Not-For-Profit Organization registered under Section 21 of the Companies Act. It was founded in 1992 with the aim to alleviate poverty and unemployment among poor rural communities through the provision of microenterprise credit and facilitation of savings. The organisation adopted the Grameen Bank centre/group lending methodology, and quickly gained considerable international recognition for its poverty-targeting activities and success in reaching and ensuring positive impact on the very poor women in almost all the Provinces of South Africa. In recent years, SEF received an alpha social rating status, an indication that in social performance terms, the organisation is regarded as one of the best microfinance institutions in the world.

Thuthukani Financial services (www.thuthukani.co.za) Thuthukani is a registered developmental lender with the National Credit Regulator, that focuses on Developmental Housing Finance. It was established in 1998 and entered the incremental housing finance environment through its housing subsidiary Thuthukani Housing Finance in 2012.


These are individuals and institutions that support the microfinance industry/sector in a variety of ways. They do not necessarily offer microfinance services such as credit and client training directly to the end users. They, however, may conduct research, provide education and other forms of support to the industry.

WDB – (https://www.wdbtrust.org.za)

WDB Trust links poor rural communities to developmental resources and empowers them to graduate from poverty through microfinance, developmental and ICT training.

 How to become a Member?

DMFIs that provide developmental finance and non-financial services to informal and microenterprises can apply to join DMA. Similarly, other institutions, bodies and individuals that provide services and other support to DMFIs; informal and microenterprises; and the development microfinance sector in general, can also apply for DMA membership. The Board of Directors, acting under the direction of DMA membership, shall have the final decision as whether or not any applicant should be admitted to membership.

Please download and fill in the application form below and Email it to info@dmasa.org.za